WiMNZ Committee

Who are the people driving Women in Motorsport New Zealand?

Deborah Day, Chair and MotorSport New Zealand board liaisonDeborah Day

Deb is a busy woman, but as she always says, if you need something doing, ask a busy person.

Deb's many roles in New Zealand motorsport include Board Member for MotorSport New Zealand, Volunteer Coordinator for The Motorsport Club, Race Control Communicator (20+ years), Clerk of Course, Sponsor, Pitcrew, Rally Team Manager, Volunteer Recruitment, Rally NZ Committee member.

Deb has fostered the idea of women supporting other women in motorsport for many years, well before the idea gained official traction with the FIA or in New Zealand.

Being so well connected across many levels of the sport, Deb is happy to answer queries about how to progress your motorsport aspirations as a competitor or a volunteer/official and can often put you in contact with others who can help you take that first or next step.

Email: deb@themotorsportclub.com

Mobile: +64 274875079




Kate Gordon-Smith, Committee Member

Kate has been fortunate to make a career in motorsport as a media relations consultant, but like many, also contributes as a volunteer to Women in Motorsport New Zealand and MotorSport New Zealand's Volunteer Commission.

Kate's first role in a motorsport team was when her manager at Ford New Zealand asked then Prime Minister David Lange if he'd like to go motor racing. Mr Lange did and Kate spent a summer touring the country with Ford and the Prime Minister. Many more summers of motorsport followed as the media manager for the NZV8 Championship and several teams. She's worked for Rally New Zealand in a variety of media roles, including three WRC events as the media manager. Kate's rally connections continue today as Hayden Paddon's New Zealand media manager.

Kate contributes to Women in Motorsport New Zealand by writing media releases, developing media strategies, and helping Deb with the website and Facebook page.

She is also happy to assist aspiring competitors with ideas on how to generate publicity or manage their social media profiles.

Email: kate@relishcommunications.co.nz

Web: www.relishcommunications.co.nz

Mobile: +64 21587227