Mentor Programme


The Women in Motorsport Mentor Programme is designed to mentor relatively new and/or aspiring female motorsport participants who wish to progress their involvement in the sport. This is an initiative of the Women in Motorsport Advisory Commission of MotorSport New Zealand.

The female mentees can be competitors, event organisers, volunteers or officials, engineers or media representatives such as journalists and photographers. The programme is designed to connect them with established and respected people within New Zealand motorsport, female or male, who can help them progress a specific goal or project within a 12-month period.

As with the Women in Motorsport NZ ambassador scheme, which is designed to raise the visibility of women in New Zealand motorsport and commenced in May 2019, the Women in Motorsport NZ mentor programme also highlights the many paths that women can take in motorsport. The programme also facilitates networking and connections between women across the sport.


  • To connect established respected women in motorsport with aspiring women in motorsport to facilitate the attainment of the mentee's defined goals.

  • To provide ongoing mentorship as required.

  • To facilitate networking and connections across the sport.


We are looking for mentors (female or male) who:

  • Have a positive attitude

  • Have a personal interest in the mentoring relationship

  • Are enthusiastic 

  • Have skills/knowledge in an area of motorsport

  • Have a high level of professionalism

  • Have good interpersonal skills

  • Have the ability to commit to the time required

  • Are trustworthy and inspiring


In a similar vein, mentees (female) should have:

  • A positive attitude

  • The ability to commit to the time required

  • A willingness to listen and respond to feedback from a mentor

  • A willingness to be coached by a mentor


Applications for the Women in Motorsport Mentor Programme are now open.

A representative from the Women in Motorsport Advisory Commission will be in contact to discuss your application within a short timeframe.

Mentees - please complete the online mentee application form

Mentors - please complete the online mentor application form

Any issues or queries can be emailed to

All applications are confidential and will be assessed by our commission team to match suitable mentees and mentors for specific projects. Please note that mentee applications will progress as and when a suitable mentor becomes available for the defined project or goal. Both mentees and mentors will be asked to assess the programme and each other as part of the post-project evaluations.